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  • What is Interior Design?
    Interior design is the process of creating aesthetically pleasing and functional spaces. It is a language that enables us to create these spaces which resonate with our lifestyle and tastes.
  • What is the difference between an interior designer, interior decorator, and architect?"
    An interior designer is a professional who plans all aspects of built-up spaces, including layouts, material choices, and decorative elements. An interior decorator is a professional who enhances spaces with complimentary decor items. An architect is a professional who plans and designs new spaces for construction and renovations.
  • Why should I hire an interior designer?
    At Design26, we strive to understand the client's needs and tastes to create spaces that are exciting, timeless, and personalized. We offer advice and implement long-lasting, trendy design elements to increase the monetary value of your space as well as improve the experience for visitors. Hiring us can help you avoid unnecessary costs and mistakes during design and renovation, as well as make the whole process easier for you.
  • When should an interior designer be involved in a project?
    Whether it is a new build, an existing building, or a historic space, we believe it is most beneficial to the client and the project team to engage an interior designer as early as possible in your decision to build or renovate a space. Get in touch below to find out more about our services and strategies.
  • My project has already started! Is it too late?
    Although it is advisable to engage us as soon as possible, we are happy to hear about your project, where it has reached, and how you would like us to assist.
  • How much does it cost to hire an interior designer?
    For a residential/commercial project, our fee is based on the estimated total construction cost. Our fees may vary depending on the scope of services you would like us to provide. For more information on our fees and services, take a moment to fill out our enquiry form (here) and we will get back in touch with you.
  • What can I expect when hiring an interior designer?
    We offer a range of services from redesigning your space to helping you select materials, textures, and finishes, and everything in between.
  • My project isn’t in Nairobi. Does that matter?
    We are flexible to take on projects in different locations within Kenya. We are able to work remotely with some basic understanding of your project. Normally, projects in Nairobi entail a site visit, however, depending on the scale of your project, we may be able to find other means to collect as much data as we can to help guide you through the process.
  • What does the process entail?
    After you reach out to us through either of our various channels, we will organize a meeting with you to understand your project requirements. Upon formally appointing us as your designers, we provide you with a welcome package where you can expect to see your project outcomes. This is where the fun begins and we start to bring your vision to life. Envision it. Design it. Build it.
  • Who will implement the design for my project?
    After the design process is complete, we will prepare a scope of works for presentation to the contractor. At this point, you may choose to involve a contractor of your preference, or we can partner you with our trusted sister company, Rentec Building Renovators Ltd. Within the industry, we have a list of vetted and trusted sub-contractors to bring your vision to life.
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